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VENICE III deliverables 2014 (Specific Agreement N.1 : December 2013 – April 2014)

  • Kick off VENICE III network meeting.
  • Adaptation of the VENICE website to the needs of the new network.
  • EU/EEA countries vaccination schedules ready to update the schedules currently available in the ECDC website.
  • Report of the 2012-2013 seasonal influenza vaccination in EU/EEA countries.
  • Report on the mapping of each variable included in the WHO-UNICEF Joint Report Form and the new variables/modifications that should be included in the JRF to fulfill EU/EEA needs, including a Report on VC data quality in the EU/EEA.
  • A proposal of new reports to be produced during the first two years of the VENICE III project, according to a priority plan shared among Member States.
  • Report about the situation of NITAGS in Europe in order to develop a roadmap for improving data, methodology and resource sharing between different NITAGs in Europe


Kick off VENICE III Meeting: Warsaw, 20th-21st February 2014

The objectives of this meeting were to present the new VENICE III project, to highlight the differences from the previous project, to discuss practical issues as the migration to an official ECDC network and the nomination of the operational contact points, to present the on-going and future VENICE III activities and to collect feedback from EU/EEA countries on these activities, including information to be collected with the next electronic surveys, format of the questionnaires, improvement to the collection of immunization schedules.