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Statens Serum Institut
Department of epidemiology
5 Artillerivej
DK 2300, Copenaghen


Palle Valentiner-Branth
Tel: 0045 3268 3269
Fax: 0045 3268 3874
e-mail: pvb@ssi.dk

Topic Contact Point E-mail
Vaccination programmes against tick-borne encephalitis Glismann Steffen
Status of introduction of HPV vaccination & Rotavirus Glismann Steffen
Seasonal influenza vaccination policy and coverage Glismann Steffen
Varicella Glismann Steffen
MMR Glismann Steffen
Pneumococcal vaccination Glismann Steffen
Consensus document on Vaccination coverage data collection in Europe Glismann Steffen

Available documents:
Immunization program (pdf format, requires Acrobat® Reader)