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MEaSles and rubella Self Assessment GEnerating tool — MESSAGE

The MEaSles and rubella Self Assessment GEnerating tool (MESSAGE) is elaborated jointly by ECDC and WHO EURO. It aims to stimulate improvement of program activities for eliminating measles and rubella and preventing congenital rubella infection.

MESSAGE will support public health experts to:

  • identify progress and gaps in program planning to eliminate measles and rubella and to prevent congenital rubella infection
  • evaluate implementation process and prepare for WHO verification process
  • renew commitment for elimination targets

MESSAGE uses the WHO measles and rubella elimination strategic plan to suggest actions (for more details see: http://www.euro.who.int/document/E87772.pdf). To reach and sustain elimination the WHO recommends European countries to:

  1. Achieve and sustain very high coverage (≥ 95%) with two doses of measles and at least one dose of rubella vaccine through high-quality routine immunization services;
  2. Provide additional opportunities for measles immunization through supplementary immunization activities to populations susceptible to measles;
  3. Provide rubella vaccination opportunities, including supplementary immunization activities, to all rubella-susceptible children, adolescents and women of childbearing age;
  4. Strengthen surveillance systems by rigorous case investigation and laboratory confirmation of suspected cases;
  5. Improve the availability of high-quality, valuable information for health professionals and the public on the benefits and risks associated with immunization against measles and rubella.

MESSAGE tool is self administered questionnaire. It is based on a survey approach however collection of surveillance data is not envisaged. Key areas of interest include: strategic planning, surveillance standards and laboratory guidelines; outbreak control; vaccination coverage and policies on susceptible populations; adverse events following immunisation; communication and collaboration.

MESSAGE is divided into three parts: questionnaire, automated report and satisfaction survey.

Access to MESSAGE is granted after a fast and easy registration. More information can be found in the User manual. You need a valid e-mail account. You can register here.

Your questions about MESSAGE will be answered by Vaccine Preventable Diseases team at ECDC. E-mail: VPD-message@ecdc.europa.eu